Why Do Some Sites Rank High on Our Site, But Not On Google?

If you search for “herpes dating sites” in Google, you’re not going to find links to the best herpes dating sites, like PositiveSingles.com. We get it if this makes you a little skeptical of our reviews.

But this is exactly why sites like ours exist. There are a bunch of great herpes dating sites out there that are kind of flying under the radar. They’re not optimized well for Google, so you’ll have trouble finding them. They’re hidden gems, and our goal is to reveal them. This can help you go straight for the cream of the crop, and avoid wasting money on mediocre sites.

You may already know that Google uses over 200 different ranking factors to determine which pages it will display for any given search query. This is completely algorithmic and automated. There’s no human interference. Google doesn’t know background information about each website. Its crawlers don’t glean information like the number of subscribers in each state, the quality of their customer service, or whether they have a good mobile app.

This is the kind of information that you need humans to analyze. AI just isn’t there yet. These aren’t things that Google is capable of incorporating into its search algorithm, and a search engine cannot be an expert on herpes dating sites. Only a human being can.

After you finally begin to feel yourself again, whether you need to find some sort of forgiveness or acceptance for yourself, you may choose to begin dating again. Be advised, you should never hide the fact that you have herpes from a potential partner. Although you do not have to spill that out in the same breath you introduce yourself, you absolutely must do so before any sexual contact. Disclosing this fact may cause some to pass judgment on you and leave, and you cannot do anything about that no matter what you do to avoid it. You simply must remember, there will be people who choose to stay, and those who leave left herpes, not you specifically.

A Human Approach to Dating with Herpes

Our team consists of five members, and we’re still growing. We spend lots of hours each month visiting and analyzing every site we write about, so that we can give you real, honest review.

We care about each site’s membership base.

Herpes dating sites aren’t much use if there’s no one there that’s remotely close to your area. We calculate the number of members in each site’s database for each US state. When we rank and review sites, we tend to favor sites that have a large userbase. The more members a site has, the more likely you are to meet someone there.

There’s a human curation element, of course, but we also take the numbers and plug them into our ranking algorithm. Our approach is both qualitative and quantitative.

This is important, because a lot of these sites do little to no marketing for themselves. They’re not investing in paid traffic or in SEO. Competition makes it harder for these sites to get new members, but they need members to succeed. It’s a bit of a vicious cycle. Small players can’t afford to compete, and the big brands like PositiveSingles just keep getting stronger.

If there are only a few members in your area, you’re far less likely to find a partner. A top rated herpes dating site should have tons of members and a lot of activity, not just a good ranking in Google. Some websites are great places to find a date, but they’re just not optimized to compete in the Google SERPS.

We know the background information for each herpes dating site.

As an example, take PositiveSingles. Their website has over forty marketing staff members, five customer service representatives, and ten members of their technical team. They spend a lot of money to improve their mobile apps, and they have a big marketing budget.

Other, competing sites don’t necessarily have these kinds of resources. Many of them are run by a very small team, and they’re trying very hard to catch up with big players like PositiveSingles. Because PositiveSingles dominates Google, other sites can be hard to find on your own. If you’re new to dating with herpes, you won’t be able to get a lot of information directly from these sites. Many of them don’t have a customer service department.

We know about the latest new changes to each herpes dating site.

The best herpes dating sites improve their website, app, and customer service every day. The mediocre ones often haven’t seen an update in years. Google doesn’t know this kind of thing, but our team does. In fact, a lot of recent changes could actually decrease a dating site’s Google ranking, at least temporarily.

We’ve tested each herpes dating site we write about, and we know about the latest improvements in their website features, mobile apps, and marketing efforts. Google doesn’t factor any of these positive things into its rankings. A lot of great sites don’t make it, and instead, Google ends up showing herpes dating site review sites instead.

Many Top Rated Herpes Dating Sites Don’t Add New Pages

Putting up new, fresh content on a regular basis is important in Google’s ranking algorithms. This is part of why almost every business’s website features a blog. We’ve found many awesome herpes dating sites that have great privacy features, and part of that is preventing Google from indexing its member’s profiles. This means that even though a bunch of new pages are being generated, Google can’t see them, so the search engine assumes that the site is stagnant.

If you search for “herpes dating site” in Google, you probably won’t even find PositiveSingles, and it’s largely due to this privacy feature. But as you’ve probably noticed, we’ve consistently ranked PositiveSingles as the number one dating site for people with herpes.

Google doesn’t always give you the best answer. That’s where we come in. Our reviews are curated by a dedicated, passionate team that knows what it’s like to date when you have herpes. We know that 76% of consumers use online reviews at least occasionally to figure out what services to use. Plus, the number of reviews people look at before making a decision has been increasing, especially among younger demographics.

Helping Our Readers Find Their Match

Google searches aren’t the best way to find good dating sites geared toward singles with herpes. We have herpes ourselves, and this is something we’ve noticed over the last few years. That’s why we created Top Herpes Dating Sites -- to help people like us find places where they can find a great relationship.

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