2018 Best Herpes Dating Apps

Single Americans are using dating apps more than ever before. If you’re single and you’ve been diagnosed with herpes, dating apps that cater specifically to singles with herpes can make it easier than ever to find other people with the same condition. With an estimated 20+ herpes dating apps in existence, however, it can be time consuming for you to use all the options and decide which is the best site.

Topherpesdatingsites team have tested all of the herpes dating apps and chosen the best herpes dating apps using the size of the user base, graphic UI, easiness of use, reputation, and reviews from real experience from other people with herpes. The user base is weighted the most heavily. As you can imagine, most of our recommended apps that are associated with a traditional herpes dating websites which have been around for a while, like PositiveSingles, it is has been online for 17 years and have a biggest user base.

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#1 PS (Android, iOS)

positivesingles.com, herpes dating app
Active Members
Ease of Use / Navigation
Unique Features
Chance of Getting a Date

Two out of three single people with herpes have heard of the website PositiveSingles.com. The site has been online for over sixteen years, and in 2014, they launched both an iOS app and an Android app. You can use both versions to search all of the profiles on PositiveSingles.com. Their app basically functions as a more convenient and user-friendly way to access their website on your mobile device. PositiveSingles is available on PCs and mobile devices as a website, and as an app, which is user-friendly and highly interactive.

Of all the herpes dating apps, the PositiveSingles app has the largest userbase.

Another point in their favor is that their app also has one of the best user interfaces of any of the herpes dating apps we’ve tried. The staff at PositiveSingles includes over thirty engineers who maintain, update, and improve the app. Over the past three years, it’s seen over thirty updates.

The photos are large when they display, making them easy to see even on smaller smartphone screens. The app is also relatively svelte -- it’s lightweight, fast, and free of visual clutter. Plus, setting up your profile via the mobile app is a quick, painless process.

The PositiveSingles app is probably the most complete iOS and Android app on the market right now. With great privacy features and an easy, intuitive social media style interface, PositiveSingles provides a great place for people with herpes and other common STDs to get back onto the dating scene.

The major pros of the PositiveSingles dating app include:

● The biggest user base.

● High quality profiles, all of which are reviewed manually by a quality control team.

● Lots of great communication tools. It includes a blog, chat rooms, moments and more.

● In just one click, you can instantly find people with herpes near you.

● PositiveSingles has a desktop website version, a mobile version, an iOS app, and an Android app. You can access the site from just about any device.

If you’re a mobile user, but you don’t want to download an app, you can just visit the mobile version of the PositiveSingles website instead. The mobile version has all of the same options and features that the app has.

mpwh,herpes dating apps
mpwh, herpes dating app

#2 MPWH (Android, iOS)

Active Members
Ease of Use / Navigation
Unique Features
Chance of Getting a Date

The dating app MPWH is owned by MPWH.com (review), the second largest herpes dating website after PositiveSingles. These two websites are the top players on the herpes dating scene, and like PositiveSingles, MPWH has feature-rich mobile apps for both Android and iOS.

Unlike PositiveSingles, which caters to singles with a range of common STDs, MPWH is designed exclusively for singles with HSV. This provides a clear-cut environment for people with herpes to meet only other people who have herpes, not other sexually transmissible conditions.

MPWH has a fast, skilled app development team, as well as a great marketing team. They rank quite well in both major search engines and app stores.

If you have another STD in addition to herpes, MPWH probably isn’t for you. However, the app has some very nice features that are easy to use, including a Spark section that helps you find people that closely match your own profile.

The major pros of the MPWH Android and iOS apps include:

● It has the second largest user base, giving you a good chance of finding someone.

● High quality profiles, reviewed manually by their quality control team.

● Lots of tools that help you protect your privacy. You can make your albums private, or open your profile only to selected members.

● Find people with herpes near you in just one click.

● There’s a desktop version, a mobile website, an iOS app, and an Android app.

app store only, hepres dating apps

#3 App Store Only Apps

herpes dating app, app store only apps

So far, we’ve talked about the mobile apps that are available for the two biggest and most popular herpes dating websites: PositiveSingles and MPWH. But if you look in the iTunes store or Google Play store, you’ll also find a lot of much newer herpes dating apps. These generally don’t have a corresponding traditional website. These include apps like Hope, Hzone, HIFT and others.

The vast majority of these herpes dating apps have been online for under two years. There’s no desktop version or mobile website, just the apps. They all started building up their database of users just a year ago or less.

These apps have some cons that you’ll need to keep in mind.

● They haven’t been online very long.

● They have very small user bases.

● They don’t have an established reputation yet in the herpes community.

● The apps aren’t always stable or reliable.

● They’re new players in a competitive market, and there’s always a risk that their company could shut down tomorrow, taking down the entire app.

On a more positive note, these apps do generally have a good UI. Some of them even have certain features that are even better than comparable features on PositiveSingles. But the big factor here is that they’re not going to have many users in your area.

There are nearly 20 herpes dating apps. How do we rank these apps?

There are currently ten IOS herpes dating apps, and eight apps for Android. Most of these have only existed for two years or less. Even the largest herpes dating app is only three years old. To be fair, dating apps in general are a relatively new thing, compared to online dating websites in general. Even Tinder, which is probably the best known dating app on the market, is only about five years old.

When you choose an app, it will take you about thirty minutes to download it, create a profile, and figure out how to navigate the app and its features. If you want to test out an app fully and check out everything it has to offer, this will probably take you a few hours.

If you choose the herpes dating app with the best rating, and then have a bad experience with it, this can leave a sour taste in your mouth. You might be hesitant to even try any of the other apps, and filtering out the bad ones is incredibly time consuming.

Our team decided to help spare you the trouble of stumbling blindly through all of the apps that are out there. We’ve explored each herpes dating app in depth, and we’re here to help you figure out how to choose one that’s the best fit for you.

Before you download a herpes dating app, you probably have some questions.

● Does the app have a lot of members in your geographic area?.

● If you don’t want people to find out about your herpes diagnosis because you have a profile on one of the dating apps, is there a way to hide your profile from non-members?

● Does the app protect your identity and personal information?

● Does the app have a good reputation? Is it popular?

At Top Herpes Dating Sites, all of our team members have herpes ourselves. We’ve spent years trying out dozens of herpes dating websites, and recently, we did the same thing for all the herpes dating mobile apps we could find. We downloaded each and every one of them, and spent over fifty hours on each app.

Then, we put together this comprehensive review, to help our readers choose the right app that has the best chance of working for them.

If you look at the table above, you’ll notice a few things that stand out about the herpes dating apps that are out there.

● The majority of these apps have been online for less than two years.

● Only a few apps have both an Android version and an iOS version. Most are only for one or the other.

● A new herpes dating app comes out around once every three months.

Most of these herpes dating apps are brand new. Because of this, you have a relatively low chance of finding any profiles in your immediate area. If you’re in Austin, Texas, finding someone in Walla Walla, Washington doesn’t really do you a whole lot of good.

What should focus on when choose a herpes dating app?

The size of the user base.

The user base is by far the most important factor when you’re choosing a herpes dating app. This is also true of traditional herpes dating websites, but it’s even more important for mobile herpes apps, because all of them are extremely new.

How do these apps acquire their uses bases in the first place? Well, there are really two main types of app.

The first type of herpes dating apps are the ones like PositiveSingles, which are the app version of an established herpes dating website that’s been around for a while. These sites have been online for over a decade, so their apps already had a sizeable userbase as soon as they debuted. When you sign up for an app like PositiveSingles a or MPWH , you’ll find plenty of other people near you.

The second type of app is the kind that’s available only on the iTunes store or Play Store. Most of these are one or two years old, at most, and they’re still trying to build a user base. You won’t find many people at all on these herpes dating apps, let alone in your area. You may be able to find someone if you’re in a major metro area like New York City or San Francisco, but if you’re in a much smaller area, the odds are pretty slim. You’ll have much better luck with the apps that are affiliated with major herpes dating sites.

Choose the apps with a good reputation

When you sign up with any herpes dating app, you’re essentially putting some of your own personal health information online. You don’t want the app selling this information to third parties, and yes, this is a real possibility. You don’t want to suddenly get tons of display ads and spam emails from companies selling shady, unauthorized treatments. You also don’t want an app to leak your profile to the outside world.

How can you know an app’s background information? One way is to ask other people with herpes, either in person or online. You can also check out the reviews on herpes dating website for more information about the apps that we recommend. Our reviews are created by people with herpes, for people with herpes. The apps we recommend are from websites that have been around and had a good reputation for over ten years.

Choose apps that can survive against the competition

Herpes dating is a small niche within internet dating as a whole. More and more startups are entering this field, which can be done with a relatively small initial cost. There are even software providers who offer white label solutions for this kind of thing.

If you keep an eye out for herpes apps on the iTunes store and Google Play store, you’ll notice that each month, there are new herpes dating apps that pop up. At the same time, other apps disappear.

To avoid choosing an herpes dating app that won’t last long enough for you to find someone, stick with apps that have been online for at least two years. Also, look for apps that release at least three new version updates each year. Avoid apps that are less than a year old -- they’re probably just a waste of your time. You don’t know if the app will still be around next month.

Top 2 Herpes Dating APPs

Rank APP Name Rating Link

Quick Facts

Most herpes dating apps are online for less than two years.

There will be a new herpes dating app every three months.

Most herpes dating apps did not update.

Therer are 10 IOS herpes dating apps and 8 apps for Android.

Most herpes dating apps have a small user base.

App from tradtional herpes dating sites have a bigger user base.

Apps from herpes dating sites

PS PRO-PositiveSingles.com




App store only Herpes Dating APPs

#1 Herpes Dating APP


Herpes Dating at Peace

Meet Postives






How to choose a herpes dating app

#1 The size of the user base.

#2 Choose apps with a good reputation.

#3 Choose apps that can survive against the competition.