How Do We Rank a Herpes Dating Site?

On the homepage of our websites, you can check the list of the best herpes dating sites . You may want to know how we compare 20+ herpes dating sites. Our team experts have tried online herpes dating sites for over 15 years and we got feedbacks from real consumer who have used these herpes dating sites. Here are the ranking factors we use to create our list of top rated herpes dating sites.

ranking factors of herpes dating sites

In this graph, you can see how heavily each factor is weighted. You’ll noticed that the size of a site’s user base is by far the most important factor. Here’s a breakdown of each factor we use.

User Base

In order to find the most useful herpes dating sites to add to our list, we prioritized an active user base. The bigger, the better.

But how do we know if a site is bigger than its competitors?

We keep a featured city list, and we search for profiles in those areas on each website. This gives us the number of profiles in each of those regions. We use this data to give ranks to herpes dating sites. Other factors that can point to a larger user base, like a high search engine ranking and the presence of paid search ads in Google, can also affect a site’s rank in our system.

Profile Quality

As you might already know, some herpes dating sites focus on casual hookups, while others are geared toward long term relationships and marriages. Either way, one of the biggest factors that affects profile quality is whether a site has a manual profile review process or not.

Manual profile review by human employees removes most of the scammers, gold diggers, and low quality or misleading photos that can plague lower quality herpes dating websites. It gives a much better user experience, so it’s an important factor in our ranking system.

Website Reputation and Popularity

Some herpes dating sites have only been around for two or three years, while others have been around for fifteen years or more. The older, more well-established sites often have a good reputation in the herpes community. However, people who have been newly diagnosed recently might not know this yet.

If a site has a high ranking in this category, it means that a lot of people in the herpes community know about it, and that it has a positive reputation.

Customer Support

Some herpes dating sites provide a helpful FAQ page for users. Others offer things like live chat support, email support, and 24/7 phone service.

Privacy and Safety

If you have a profile on a herpes dating site, you may be worried about falling prey to something like the 2015 Ashley Madison incident . If you live in a small town, you may also want to protect your privacy and hide your profile from people in your community. Some herpes dating sites let you make your profile visible only to people who you actually want to see it. It’s also important for a herpes dating site to keep your profile from coming up in Google search results for your name.

New Members

Some herpes dating sites spend a lot of money on marketing. Others may not have the resources to budget for that, but they can sometimes start getting positive word of mouth. We update our ranking list four times per year, and if a site has more members in this quarter, it will get a better ranking than it did last time.

We use our featured US cities list to find new members on each herpes dating site. If a herpes dating site’s number of new members is in the top two out of the entire list, it will get five stars. The third to sixth get four stars, and the bottom six to ten sites get three stars.

Website Activity

Our team members each have profiles on all of the herpes dating sites that we review. We look at valid emails and number of winks to help us gauge a site’s activity level. The site where profiles get the most emails and winks gets five stars, the second to sixth get four stars, and the sites where our members don’t get any contacts at all get one star.

Mobile Apps

If a herpes dating site has both an iOS app and an Android app, we’ll give it three stars. If it only has one or the other, it gets two stars. The apps with the best quality and ease of use will get bumped up to five stars.

At, we’ve talked about quite a few different dating sites for people with herpes. But how did we find all of them?

We started by compiling a list of every type of herpes dating website and mobile dating app we could find. We also looked at whether each site was marketed primarily for hookups, or for lasting relationships. The best sites are usually set up to help you find all kinds of relationships, from platonic friendships to long-term monogamy.

We found a total of twenty different herpes dating sites, from PositiveSingles to StoodIn, hope,hsvsingles. Then, we started analyzing their user bases, their functionality, their overall quality, and their cost. This is how we arrived at our top picks.

How do collect the herpes dating sites in our reivew list

We looked for sites that cover a wide geographic area.

We know that there are people living with herpes all over the world. We wanted to find sites that at least have a nationwide user base within the United States. If you’re in Texas, a site specific to Manhattan isn’t going to do you much good.

We stripped out herpes dating sites that are too new and too small.

“Quality versus quantity” is a problem that’s as old as dating itself. Are you more likely to find a match on the site that has the most users, or the site that has the highest concentration of people who are a good match for you personally?

The answer is that you’re likely to find a match in either situation. We actually recommend signing up for one major site with a guaranteed high number of users, which also provides a good cross section of potential matches in your area.

Sites that are both very small and very new are unlikely to have either the quantity or the quality necessary to find you a match. For that reason, we discarded them.

We prioritized sites with active user bases -- the bigger, the better.

Quality is important, but you also want to have a good selection of people and plenty of options for potential matches. When you put in search criteria and it comes up as “no matches found,” that’s a major bummer.

Information about the size and activity level of herpes dating sites is actually very difficult to find. It’s impossible to know for sure how many users are active on each website. We used Alexa, a web traffic analytics company, to better assess how many people are actually browsing and clicking around on each site. We culled any site with fewer than one million active users in the United States.

We considered cost as a factor, but not a big one.

None of our top sites are exhorbitantly priced, so we didn’t weigh cost very heavily when ranking the websites.

We Avoided Mobile-Only Herpes Dating Apps

We noticed that there were quite a few relatively new dating apps for people with herpes, which tend to be mobile-only. They don’t have a desktop version, so we decided not to include them. Why? Because we feel that you just can’t draw a real comparison between swipe-right apps and the robust functionality of a full desktop website. Most of these herpes dating apps started building up their database of users just a year ago or less.All of them have a small user base.

We do plan to introduce a separate column about herpes dating mobile apps, but we’ve decided to prioritize desktop websites. Many of these sites do have mobile apps to complement their websites.

Check Our Reviews to Find the Right Herpes Dating Site for You

If you’re looking for a herpes dating site to join that’s a good match for you, check out our herpes dating site reviews . We offer detailed reviews for each website, and use their ratings in each category to give them an overall ranking.

From the reviews , you can easily find good sites that you can join, without having to join every site to find out its cost, features, or number of members. The reviews can save you quite a bit of time and effort finding a site with enough users in your area to find you a match. It’s the first step toward online dating for singles living with herpes.

Now that you know more about how we rank each site, you may want to look at our reviews of the top herpes dating websites. You can pick one or several to try out, and start your journey toward finding your soulmate.

Good luck in your search!

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